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Custom Garage Doors

Countryside Roofing is Montgomery's #1 choice for new overhead garage door installation and for any door repairs. We value each of our customers so you know that you will be getting the best new garage door and garage door repair service you need. Countryside Roofing uses repair parts and overhead garage doors from the top manufacturing companies. We service all types of garage doors, from wood, wood composite, steel, and vinyl. Call us today if you need repairs or a new garage door.


Steel Garage Doors?


Steel garage doors are the most popular door. They are durable, attractive and virtually maintenance free. Steel Doors can also be very well insulated to keep out the cold and lower your energy costs. Steel doors are the least expensive garage door you can buy. The downside is that if they dent or scratch it is difficult to repair.

Countryside Roofing Images

Countryside Roofing Images

Vinyl Garage Doors


Vinyl garage doors are becoming more popular because they will look good forever. They are scratch resilient, won't rust, warp or crack and are nearly impossible to dent. They come insulated and tend to work more quietly. A vinyl door requires no maintenance and is going to look good forever. People are willing to invest a little more money in vinyl because it is likely to be the last garage door you'll ever need to buy.

Custom & Wood Garage Doors


Wood has a natural beauty, is very versatile, and operates quietly. It may be painted or stained and is available in a wide price range. If you choose a wood door, you should plan to spend some time maintaining it. Wood garage doors are and can be fully customized to your needs. Custom garage doors are available in any size and type of wood; including cedar, hemlock & mahogany.

Countryside Roofing Images
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