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Don Guice
I was trying to sell a home and the realtor told me I would have to have a new roof if I expected to sell my home in a timely manner. They recommended Eric Huseby at Countryside Roofing as both they and other realtors had positive experiences with the firm. Everything was perfect. A large crew showed up on time on the date I had been told and were totally finished by 3:00 PM the following day. At completion the lot was spotless; you would never have known that 8 people had been working at this location. During the walkthrough I pointed out one damaged gutter from a ladder to Eric. He immediately took ownership of the issue and stated that they had equipment to prevent this type of damage! and that it would be repaired. Within a few days, the gutter had been replaced. i was very impressed with the firm and highly recommend them to anyone seeking a new roof or roof repairs.

Chris Hiller
I am writing to recommend Eldon Harlow and Countryside Roofing for roofing repairand or replacement. Eldon's reputation for honesty and professionalism is perhaps higherin this area than any other tradesperson that I am aware of. I have known Mr. Harlowprofessionally for nearly 10 years. Not only has he done work on my personal home buthe has replaced or repaired countless roofs belonging to my clients. I have never hadanything but glowing feedback from my referrals. He also stands by his work and willwork until the client is satisfied.

David Rozier
Please accept that as my recommendation on behalf of Eldon Harlow and CountrysideRoofing. I have known Eldon for many years as both a friend and business associate. Heand his company have performed roofing services for me personally and for many of myclients over the years. I have always found the work to be of the highest quality. I alsohave known Eldon to be of the highest character and to operate his business with greatintegrity. I can, and regularly do, recommend Eldon and Countryside Roofing withouthesitation.

Nina Murray
Liz Carter and Team has been using Eldon Harlow and Countryside Roofing for all ofour roofing needs for years and refer him to all of our clients and have never had anycomplaints just how good he and his crew are. His work is great. He is the best and wewouldnt use anyone but Eldon Harlow and Countryside Roofing for any roofing jobs.

Patrick Riggs
I have known Eldon Harlow for a number of years and he is the best! He is loyal andtrustworthy and true to his work! His work ethic is outstanding as well as hisperformance on the job! My roof needed to be replaced and he was able to replace it aswell as give me some tips to help keep my home cooler in these hot summer months! Myhome is more comfortable thanks to Eldon and Countryside Roofing!
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